Stronger Together

In 2019, our Summit focused on the idea that we are Stronger Together. Stronger Together aims to bring people and communities together to foster collaboration and unity for a common purpose. As individuals, we each have something unique to bring to the table. When we all come together, we can ignite innovation and community: a reminder that we are Stronger Together.


Building Your Dream Career

Natalie Eva Gray
Co-founder and Head of Product at Cover

Innovating in Evolving Times

Ridhi Tariyal
Co-founder and CEO of NextGen Jane

Lightning Talks

Embracing Your Femininity & Strength As a leader

Sonciary Honnoll
Co-Founder and Head of Customer Strategy at Quala

Building an Authentic Community and Culture Around Empowerment

Cadran Cowansage
CEO and Co-founder of Elpha

Getting Beyond the Stereotypes Around Women’s Safety

Quinn Fitzgerald
Co-Founder of Flare

Developing a Strong Female Network

Dulcie Madden
Co-founder and CEO of Rest Devices


Introduction to Web Development

Brittany Chiang

Introduction to Consulting

Rani Wise

Design Thinking with IBM

Interviewing & Negotiating Strategy

Natalie Eva Gray

Introduction to Product Management with Drift

Alexa Nguyen

Emerging Technology Panel: Building without Borders

Silicon Valley Bank

Introduction to UI/UX Design
with Adobe

Danielle Morimoto

Venturing into Venture Capital

Nina Stepanov

Innovation in Healthcare

Communicating with Confidence

Dinneen Grably

Becoming a Good Leader: Cultivating an Authentic Leadership Style

Rachel Rubenstein

#I Am Remarkable; Understanding Unconscious Bias & Navigating Imposter Syndrome with Google

WISE uses an inclusive definition of “women” and “female”, and we welcome transwomen, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify, have identified, or have been identified as female or women.